Wood Clock Gears with Motor Drive – Part 2 of 3

finished gears
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Picking up from Part 1 of the wood clock gears project where I designed the gears, Part 2 will cover the physical assembly of the gear build. This was the simplest part of the build since it only involved cutting the gears using a laser cutter and gluing everything together.

Cutting the Gears

Gears cutout
Gears and frame cutout

Since I designed the gears in SolidWorks, it was just a matter of exporting them as .DXF files and cutting them out on a laser cutter. I used wood approximately .2in thick which was sturdy enough for my needs.

Gluing Everything Together

As shown in the drawing fromĀ  Part 1, the 10 teeth gear is physically coupled to the 40 teeth gear while the 12 and 36 teeth gears share the same shaft but are free spinning. The 12 teeth gear controls the minute hand while the 36 teeth gear controls the hour hand.

Assembled gearsGears glued together with bearings

The 36 teeth gear has a hollow tube with a .25in inner diameter through which the shaft from the 12 teeth gear (the minute hand) goes through. I used quick setting epoxy to glue everything together.

Drive Ger
Drive Gear

The 12 teeth gear will be directly coupled to the motor so I fit it with a .25in shaft. I also made a D cut into the shaft to help with the coupling to the stepper motor.

Assembled Build

finished gears

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