Published Research (First Author)

“Embedded Optical Waveguide Sensors for Dynamic Behavior Monitoring in Twisted-Beam Structures”RoboSoft, 2024 (accepted paper)

“OptiGap: A Modular Optical Sensor System for Bend Localization”ICRA, 2023

“Electronically reconfigurable virtual joints by shape memory alloy-induced buckling of curved sheets”SoutheastCon, 2022 (Best Paper Award Winner)

“Relief and emergency communication network based on an autonomous decentralized UAV clustering network” SoutheastCon 2015

“A modular framework for surface-embedded actuation and optical sensing in soft robots.” PhD Dissertation, 2023

“Accurate Range-based Indoor Localization Using PSO-Kalman Filter Fusion”Masters Thesis, 2020

“Ultra-Fast, Autonomous, Reconfigurable Communication System”Masters Thesis, 2015