Hello there,

I’m currently looking to join a team that’s in need of a multidisciplinary individual and can make use of my skill set. Feel free to send me a message at: contact@[the_name_of_this_website].com

My expertise is centered around translating theoretical knowledge into practical real-world applications, backed by a PhD in electrical engineering and advanced degrees in computer science and applied engineering.

My experience in embedded systems involves developing effective, functional end-to-end solutions. This includes sensor design, communication protocol design, UI design, and utilizing algorithm design to tackle complex problems.

Additionally, I have a firm understanding of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques, grounded in their statistical underpinnings. Generally I can learn any programming language (to a productive level) in a few days but on a day-to-day basis I find myself mainly using embedded C and C++, Go, Python, and JavaScript. I also have a strong background in Linux system administration in Debian and RHEL environments.

Finally, my work in circuit and PCB design, enhanced by my experience in a MEMS fabrication cleanroom environment, makes me a very well-rounded electrical engineer.