Change the Default Cloud9 Workspace on the BeagleBone Black

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The BeagleBone Black ships with a really great browser-based IDE called Cloud9, which is accessed by going to your BBB IP address at port 3000. While I don’t use Cloud9 for heavy development, it’s handy for debugging and quick changes to scripts. It also has a built-in terminal which means I can do everything in the browser.

By default Cloud9 launches a workspace at /usr/lib/cloud9, which has useful examples and scripts for all sorts of applications. I want it to point, instead, to my personal projects folder so I’ll change the default Cloud9 workspace on the BeagleBone Black to /home/debian/projects.

Override systemd Service

Cloud9 is launched by /lib/systemd/system/cloud.service which explicitly starts the server pointing to /var/ib/cloud9.

Cloud9 Service
Original Cloud9 Service

In order to change this, we simply need to override the service with one that points to our desired directory. Packages generally install services in /lib/systemd/system while our new override will reside in /etc/systemd/system.

Step 1:

systemctl edit cloud9

This creates our override in /etc/systemd/system/cloud9.service.d/override.conf and opens up the file for editing. Then we simply clear ExecStart (since it is additive) and provide the new directory in that file.

ExecStart=/usr/bin/nodejs server.js --packed -w /home/debian/projects

Step 2:

Perform a daemon reload and restart the cloud9 service

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart cloud9

Step 3:

Restart the browser. The new folder should now be the default workspace!

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