IP Controlled Outlet

Project Summary

This project utilized common components, as well as some custom PCB design, to create a network controlled electrical outlet capable of sustaining relatively high current loads. The outlet is controlled via an isolated 3.3V control signal — sourced┬áby a BeagleBone Black in this case.

Parts List

  • ABS Project Box
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • RJ45 Keystone Jack
  • Custom Isolated Relay Driver PCB
  • 125V Neon Indicator Lamp
  • 250V 15A IEC AC Power Entry Module
  • T9AP1D52 SPST 12V DC Relay
  • 10A Circuit Breaker
  • 130V 1000pF Varistor
  • 15A Tamper-Resistant Duplex Outlet

The Build

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